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Pouffe KANTE

The Kante pouffe is the perfect addition to your home or office. A comfortable, light and practical piece of furniture that will provide additional space for guests, but will also serve as a footrest. Thanks to the possibility of installing several types of feet, the pouffe will easily fit into other furniture sets, depending on their design.

Pouffe 50 x 50 x H-40 cm EURO PLN
Leather MDR & Hermes 189 810
Leather Toledo, Mondial, Antique 198 850
Leather Natur & Venice, Massif, Granada 215 925


Pouffe 55 x 60 x H-40 cm EURO PLN
Leather MDR & Hermes 215 925
Leather Toledo, Mondial, Antique 226 970
Leather Natur & Venice, Massif, Granada 246 1055


Pouffe 75 x 55 x H-40 cm EURO PLN
Leather MDR & Hermes 240 1030
Leather Toledo, Mondial, Antique 249 1070
Leather Natur & Venice, Massif, Granada 275 1180


Pouffe 90 x 55 x H-40 cm EURO PLN
Leather MDR & Hermes 266 1145
Leather Toledo, Mondial, Antique 296 1270
Leather Natur & Venice, Massif, Granada 307 1320


The given prices do not include delivery costs: Poland PLN 50 per piece, delivery costs to Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany €30 per piece





<ul> <li>the standard height of the pouffe is 40cm,</li> </ul>


Genuine leather


We produce frames from solid beech wood, chipboard and fiberboard.


Highly flexible foam with a density of 30 kg/m3, resistant to deformation, selected to maintain a balance between comfort of use and durability. For an additional fee of 5%, the pouffe is also available in the so-called "Kaltschaum" cold foam, which is slightly softer, but at the same time very flexible, so it also retains its original shape for many years.


The threads are made of 100% polyester silk, known for their high tear strength, twist stability, and excellent resistance to friction. The thick thread enhances the furniture, adding charm, and ensures the durability of the cover. Threads in the color of leather or contrast stitching available upon request.


The feet can be made of stainless steel, rectangular in black and chrome finish, or trapezoidal in chrome finish. The distance between the pouf and the floor is 13 cm.


This model is made of seven types of Italian natural leather available in our offer.