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Kross Arm Pik Extra

Kross Arm Pik Extra – Luxurious chair with armrests in a version with a higher backrest, additionally enriched with quilting.

Welcome to the world of comfort and elegance with the Kross Arm Pik Extra wide chair, which stands out as one of the most spacious and comfortable pieces of furniture in our collection. This unique chair was created with your perfect relaxation in mind.

Excellent Comfort:
Its spacious dimensions and ergonomic design provide unrivaled comfort, allowing you to relax at the highest level. Armrests add elegance and allow for perfect support of the arms.

Premium Materials:
Made of the highest quality natural leather, Kross Arm Pik Extra exudes luxury and durability. The solid wood from which it is made gives it an elegant character and solidity.

Elegance in Details:
Its carefully finished details and the perfect combination of leather and wood give it a unique character that suits both modern and classic interiors. The quilted backrest with beautiful double stitching is not only a sign of high-quality workmanship, but also an additional element that gives the chair a unique look.

Perfect for both modern and classic interiors, this pouffe fits perfectly into a variety of arrangements. Perfect as an additional seat, coffee table or decorative element – it fulfills various functions in the space.
The use of high-quality materials makes this chair fit perfectly into both home and office spaces, giving them unique style and comfort.

To sum up:
The Kross Arm Pik Extra chair is not just a piece of furniture – it is an invitation to comfort, elegance and luxury in your surroundings. Discover unparalleled relaxation and style with this unique chair that will become the pearl of any space.

See for yourself the unique experience this unique chair can offer!

Chair Kross Arm Pik Extra EURO PLN
Leather MDR & Hermes 296 1260
Leather Toledo, Mondial, Antique 328 1395
Leather Natur & Venice, Massif, Granada 368 1565


The given prices do not include delivery costs: Poland PLN 50 per piece, delivery costs to Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany 1-3 chairs €30 / piece, 4-6 chairs €20 / piece, 7 and more chairs €15 / piece





<ul> <li>depth 59cm, height 89cm, width 60cm, seat height 49cm</li> </ul>


Genuine leather


We produce chair frames from solid beech and oak wood. The chair seats are suspended on strong upholstery belts, which ensures comfort and durability during long-term use. Our chairs are delivered in one piece and do not require assembly.


Highly flexible foam with a density of 30 kg/m3, resistant to deformation, selected to maintain a balance between comfort of use and durability.


The threads are made of 100% polyester silk, known for their high tear strength, twist stability, and excellent resistance to friction. The thick thread enhances the furniture, adding charm, and ensures the durability of the cover. Threads in the color of leather or contrast stitching available upon request.


At your request, the chair legs can be made of beech or oak wood. Available colors can be found in the link "available wood colors"


This model is made of seven types of Italian natural leather available in our offer. Our chairs are very solid, so they are also suitable for public use, both in hotels and restaurants.