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Antalya III

Antalya III

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Luxury and Comfort: Genuine Leather Corner Sofa

Our collection of genuine leather corner sofas is synonymous with elegance, sophistication and comfort. Standing out from the rest, our corner sofa combines luxurious aesthetics with functionality, becoming an extraordinary decoration of any living room.

Exclusive Genuine Leather

Quality is our highest value. Our corner sofas are made of high-quality genuine leather, which guarantees not only a unique appearance, but also durability for years. The leather has a unique finish, emphasizing the uniqueness of every detail.

Wide Armrest for Full Comfort

In our corner sofa, we took care of the details, including a wide armrest, which not only adds elegance, but also provides additional seating if necessary. Each element has been carefully designed to provide unparalleled comfort during every relaxation.

Sleeping function for the comfort of guests

When it’s time for guests, our corner sofa becomes a perfect place to relax or sleep. Thanks to the sleeping function, the transition from the furniture to the bed becomes easy and comfortable. To complement the functionality, the bedding container will accommodate all the necessary elements, ensuring order and comfort.

Adjustable Headrests for Individual Comfort

Individual needs are our priority. Therefore, our corner sofa can be equipped with adjustable headrests that can be adjusted to your preferred position. By offering support for the neck and head, headrests enable a personalized relaxation experience.

Style and Elegance

Our corner sofas are not only comfortable, but also aesthetic. Every detail, from finishing to tailoring details, reflects high quality and style. A wide range of natural leather colors allows you to match the corner sofa to any interior.

Choice For Your Preferences

We offer a variety of configuration options, thanks to which the corner sofa will perfectly match your expectations regarding size and layout. Regardless of the size, our corner sofas are tailored to meet your needs. The Antalya III model can also be ordered with a slightly higher backrest in the Antalya III Extra version.

Warranty and Professional Service

We are confident in the quality of our products. That’s why we offer not only a warranty for corner sofas, but also professional customer service. We are ready to answer any questions and provide support at every stage of your purchase.


Our Antalya III series corner sofas made of genuine leather are synonymous with luxury, elegance and unrivaled comfort. With a wide armrest, sleeping function, bedding container and adjustable headrests – this furniture redefines the concept of relaxation, adding elegance and functionality to any room.

We invite you to discover our collection and join the group of satisfied customers who appreciate the refined style, quality and unique functionality of our genuine leather corner sofas.