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Varsovia with seven-position adjustable headrests

Modern design, excellent functionality
Our collection of real leather furniture has been enriched with the Varsovia model with perfectly adjustable headrests, ensuring not only a light appearance, but also increasing the backrest height and adapting to the individual needs of users.

Main features:
Genuine Leather: Made of the highest quality genuine leather, the Varsovia sofa combines exceptional style with durability.

Seven-way adjustable headrests: The innovative headrest adjustment system allows you to adjust your comfort level to seven different settings, providing optimal support for your back, neck and head.

Light and modern design: The appearance of the sofa makes it fit perfectly into modern interior arrangements, adding elegance and functionality.

The perfect combination of style and functionality:
This sofa is a perfect solution for those who are looking for a piece of furniture with a high standard of workmanship, unrivaled comfort and the ability to adapt it to their preferences while relaxing.

Available colors and sizes allow you to choose the variant that best suits your space.

Discover exceptional comfort and modern design in one of our Varsovia sofas with amazing adjustable headrests.

Price 4-seater sofa, 290 cm EURO PLN
Leather MDR & Hermes 1705 7500
Leather Toledo, Mondial, Antique 1805 7950
Leather Natur & Venice, Massif, Granada 2045 8955


Price: 3-seater sofa, 250 cm EURO PLN
Leather MDR & Hermes 1515 6670
Leather Toledo, Mondial, Antique 1600 7050
Leather Natur & Venice, Massif, Granada 1775 7820


Price: 3-seater sofa, 235 cm EURO PLN
Leather MDR & Hermes 1395 6140
Leather Toledo, Mondial, Antique 1480 6505
Leather Natur & Venice, Massif, Granada 1665 7325


Price: 2.5-seater sofa, 210 cm EURO PLN
Leather MDR & Hermes 1230 5410
Leather Toledo, Mondial, Antique 1300 5720
Leather Natur & Venice, Massif, Granada 1450 6390


Price: 2-seater sofa, 180 cm EURO PLN
Leather MDR & Hermes 1085 4780
Leather Toledo, Mondial, Antique 1150 5065
Leather Natur & Venice, Massif, Granada 1295 5690


Price wide armchair 125 cm EURO PLN
Leather MDR & Hermes 775 3420
Leather Toledo, Mondial, Antique 820 3620
Leather Natur & Venice, Massif, Granada 920 4060

Delivery costs must be added to the offered prices.

The cost of delivery with the service of bringing it to the apartment is: Poland PLN 450, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany €130



<ul> <li>depth – 100cm, height – 73cm</li> <li>available sizes: 4-seater 290 cm, 3-seater 250 cm, 3-seater 235 cm, 2.5-seater 210 cm, 2-seater 190 cm, 2-seater 180 cm, armchair 125 cm wide</li> <li>this model can be configured into any sets such as 3-2-1, 3-1-1, 3-1, etc. We also offer matching pouffes in various sizes for the collection.</li> </ul>


Genuine leather


The frame is constructed using a material selected for its durability and strength. Several years of experience in the furniture industry have allowed us to eliminate technical solutions that could fail. We use solid beechwood for the frame construction, with the exception of flat surfaces (armrest sides, backs), where we have used solid chipboard and fiberboard. In consideration of customer comfort, we have used wave springs in the seat.


Highly flexible foam with a density of 30 kg/m3, resistant to deformation, selected to maintain a balance between comfort of use and durability. For an additional fee of 5%, the corner sofa is also available in the so-called "Kaltschaum" cold foam, which is slightly softer, but at the same time very flexible, so it also retains its original shape for many years.


The threads are made of 100% polyester silk, known for their high tear strength, twist stability, and excellent resistance to friction. The thick thread enhances the furniture, adding charm, and ensures the durability of the cover. Threads in the color of leather or contrast stitching available upon request.


It is not possible to install a sleeping function.


Feet made of stainless steel with a chrome finish. The space between the floor and the furniture is approximately 10 cm.


This model is equipped with amazing seven-step adjustable headrests, which significantly increase the comfort of use.


An important advantage of the furniture we produce is the fact that the back of the furniture is also made of the same natural leather.